What is Moss Trend?

Moss Trend is the latest novelties in Interior Design: this is the art of using Moss, a natural lichen,
to furnish and redefine the interiors. Moss is a moss that grows naturally in Scandinavia,
covering very large areas that are generally used for grazing reindeer, moose and musk oxen.

In order to be used as an item of furniture Moss is harvested and stabilized by drying. The Moss
is used to coat items of furniture intended solely for indoor environments
with a rate of humidity of at least 50%.


Design e ricerca italiani, uniti alla naturalezza del Lichene stabilizzato, danno vita ad un prodotto unico ed innovativo. La selezione e la pulizia del lichene richiede l’impegno di mani esperte di artigiani attenti e meticolosi.

Questa è la nostra filosofia, la qualità prima di ogni cosa.


Made with extreme care and passion, the Jungle Moss paintings, by Mosstrend ®, are perfect in any kind of environment. Each work is a unique and original art expression.




Moss Trend would like to invite you to visit this year’s Cersaie exhibition, taking place in Bologna, Italy. This is one of the most important shows dedicated to ceramic and sanitary sector. We are proud that during the show we will collaborate with Tavar and Tratti. At......

With a few creative touches of preserved plants, the interior can transform its look from a neutral and monotonous room to a bold looking, vivid green interior. Effective interior decoration creates pleasing energy even in the highest rooms. With a natural plant based Jungle Moss......

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